The first  meetings were held in the Odd Fellows Hall  (also known as  Town Hall) on “The Full-of-the-Moon” because there were no street lights.  Meeting on the  full moon provided light to see their way there.   By the end of 1884 the membership had grown to 46.   By the  end of 1886, they were meeting in the Castleman Building (at the corner of University  and  Main St) on the second floor and the dining room was in the attic on the 3rdfloor.   Note- no elevator,   no electric lights.    Electric lights weren’t installed until    Evergreen was the mother lodge for the formation of a lodge in Elsinore in 1887 and another in South Riverside  - now called Corona , called Temescal Lodge.

     The two pillars in the NW corner of the lodge were purchased in 1892 for $83.50  - the ones we still have. 

Wor. Kingsbury Sanborn ,  who served as  Master in 1895  at the age of 31 , left his  estate to Evergreen . He died in 1947.  

In 1903 the  property on the corner of Eleventh and Main St was purchased for $4000.  In May,  the Grand Lodge laid  the cornerstone for the Courthouse across from the new lodge land.  The architect for the new building , Francis Burnham , also designed the Carnegie Library and the Riverside County Courthouse.  The  cornerstone was laid in February of 1908  -   eventually moved to our present location in 1976.     The records show that the building cost $21,872  to  build and donations were $20,618.

By 1905 membership had increased to 205.  By 1908  membership had increased to 238  and  by 1911 to  308.