Lodge  History  Part  9       1976-78

           The year  1976  was especially busy.  Besides the enormous task of  moving parts of the  old  building and its contents  to the  new Chicago location,   the  opening /cornerstone laying dedication event had  to be planned.    The columns and  pillars  were still being  assembled two weeks before the ceremony.   On April 17 Grand Lodge was opened with  Grand Master John Roberts presiding.   It was  an outdoor event held in the  front patio and  parking lot . Music  was  provided by the  Highlander bagpipe band and  dancers.    This  was  followed by a lunch (the first meal in the new building) serving over 400 people,  filling the  dining  room , lobby  and  rear patio. .    

           The lodge room  had the  old  carpet from the old facility for the time being. Lodge dues were increased from  $24  to $36.    There  was  no  air conditioning in  the  dining room yet so  large fans  were purchased to circulate the air .   The first  public reception was  held on Aug 29 as a golden wedding anniversary for  Roy and Maurine Haglund.  On September 18, a dinner and entertainment  “roast”  was held honoring  Wor. Stan Channon for his work as  Chairman of the Building Committee. . 

           In  the next couple of years  the  lodge room received the  “orange”  chairs along with  orange/brown carpet.     In 1978,   the  Board was increased to 9 voting members.    

            And   so you  have it…….       The first   100 years …..   


John Channon ,     PM. , HA ,  Treasurer ,  Building Manager ,  etc