Evergreen History  part 8      Birth of a new  facility…

       As the  building committee  set out , in 1975 , to design the  new Center, they  visited numerous lodges around the state to see  what  features they might want or  NOT want.  One of those features was to move away from the multi-story style of building so members would not have to go up and down stairs.   Although the original design had a set of  storage rooms on the  south side of the lodge room,   those were dropped as a cost-cut.   Inflation and Building costs  were rising quickly due to the  economy then.   ( so when did it ever stop?)  They also had a basement planned,  but that was scrapped too.   One of the last  things to go was the  front patio cover that was  to extend out to the  parking lot.  They actually had the beams but finally  sold those after the decision was made to eliminate that part.  

            The ground breaking ceremony was held May 7, 1975 and construction began June 4, 1975.   By the end of the year , the building was framed and those huge roof trusses were in place.   The cornerstone /dedication ceremony was  held in the  front of the building on April 17, 1976.  It was a full Grand Lodge ceremony .  I provided the  sound system outside.  

           Although the  building was primarily constructed by Tilden Coil Co. ,  the  landscape was done entirely by lodge members :   Stan Channon,  Bill Holsinger,  Howard Born , and many others contributed many many hours to trenching,  laying pipe,  and  planting.  The  birds of paradise along the front of the building came from our home on Daventry Rd..    The huge cornerstone you see  by the  entrance was  moved from the  old building.     Now that’s a heavy  piece of rock.  The interior columns,  pillars and stations seen in the  lodge room were extracted from the old  building and  moved to the  new building. 

           All of those  display cases ,  the Tiler’s desk,  the  cupboards in the pantry were produced by Wor. Hank Goatcher.  The  kitchen was equipped by the  Eastern Star Ungava chapter.   The large emblem way above the East  inside was constructed by Wor. Everett Ross

            When the  temple was completed , the lodge owed nothing but had  nothing to spare either  thanks  to the  very  careful control the  building committee had  over the  finances.