Evergreen History   1956 to  1966


               By 1956  there was already talk of moving the meeting day …  and  in 1958 the  lodge voted to change from  Friday to Wednesday.    Articles of Incorporation and by-laws  were drawn up for Evergreen Masonic Temple Association.  Riverside Lodge moved to its new building in1959,  hence , Evergreen dues went from $12 to $18 .  Wow!   A concert was given to dedicate the new Conn Organ at the Evergreen Temple.     In June 1959, a committee was formed to consider the long range plans for the lodge which included finding potential locations,  create plans and  financing for a new location. Assets of the lodge were reported at  $347,000 ,  most of which was in the Kightlinger Estate.  

              By the  early 60s the  social climate  had taken a big turn.   Fairmount Park became an undesirable place to hold picnics  so the lodge shifted to BBQs  held elsewhere.   Evergreen donated $10 per member to the  new Masonic Memorial Temple in  San Francisco.     Several repairs and improvements in the 11thStreet temple were done to meet the requirements of the Fire Marshall including fire-proof drapes .   The Lodge paid $150 per month  as rent.   Bethel 264 became a regular Thursday evening tenant.       Moreno Valley  Lodge and  Victoria Palms Lodge were formed.    Willard Babcock retired as  Inspector in late  1962 and  Bill Price became Inspector.     There were a few  dinner-dances held at the  Elks Club  with prime rib or lobster at  $4.    In  1965 the lodge assumed the sponsorship of Riverside Chapter DeMolay 

             In December 1965 the Lodge approved the purchase of5.5 acres at the SW corner of Arlington and  Victoria for  $110,000.   They could not move ahead on a building because the  Kightlinger estate was  still tied up.  

            Sherm Babcock retired after 12 years as Secretary .  Willis Copeland  replaced him for a brief time,  then “Stocky” Stockebrand took over for several years.   William Price was appointed Assistant Grand Lecturer in 1966 and  Stan Channon became the new Inspector.  

             Numerous  social programs  carried thru this  decade.  The  Masonic education and attention to the dedicated members were quite prevalent .   


 John Channon, PM.  HA ,  , Treasurer