Evergreen History   1944  to  1955


         In the period from  1944 to  1947 membership increased by over  100.  During 1944 there were 111 degrees conferred with the help of  ten degree teams.   As the war ended in 1945,   degrees and  social programs along with educational programs filled the year.  1946 saw 37 new members and  20 degrees were conferred in the month of August alone.   John Vanderzyl became Master in Dec. 1946.  One of the  highlights of 1947 was a Third Degree conferred by a team of judges from Southern California  led by Wor.  O.K. Morton.  The  St Johns' Day picnic at  Fairmount Park was attended by 700 members and family between the lodges  enjoying a baseball game, boat rides,  and  other games.

         By 1949, the  influx of new members slowed down and  the membership in 1951 had reached 638.     I   will  note here that  Bill Penrod was the  Tiler  from 1941 until 1966 (25 yrs)   Wow! 

    It should also be noted  that Bro. Philip Gunsolus was the  5tholdest Mason in the United States  in 1952, He served as Tyler  for 9 years. He received the 3rd 75yr membership pin of a California Mason , presented to him March 31, 1950.    

          Wor. Willard Babcock (then Inspector) installed his son Sherman Babcock as Master of Evergreen Lodge for the 1952 Masonic year.   Sherm Babcock became Secretary in 1954 and  served as such until 1966.

          1953 had 71 degrees conferred.  The  Tavaglione family began an annual tradition of providing an Italian dinner which was enjoyed by more than 200.   (I remember going to those dinners as a kid)  The  75thAnniversary of the  granting of Evergreen's charter was the  highlight of 1955 being celebrated at a gala dinner at the Mission Inn attended by over 500 members and wives.  John Vanderzyl ,and his wife Mary donated 2 aluminum doors for the front of the  11thStreet  Temple.   Too bad we weren't able to keep those for the new building. 

          Membership in 1955 had reached 685.   


    That's it  for  now.  I'll  be giving a history of some of the  key players of the  60s and  70s at the April Stated meeting.   Come one  ,  come all.   


 John Channon, PM.  HA ,  , Treasurer