Evergreen History 1931 to 1943


There was a degree team known as the 233 Club of Hollywood who was composed of professional actors dressed in gentleman  Revolutionary war period costumes   who provided the 3rddegree on many occasions.  . 

There were many social events :  dances and bridge tournaments,  Saint Johns’ Day Picnics held at Fairmont Park featuring baseball games,  snow fights , and  music.  We still have the card tables from those bridge tournaments. 

Dues were raised from $9 to $12 per year and  dinners were 75 cents.   

1932-  1935 was  the Great depression,  during which membership fell a little  from 551 to 508.   It was a slow time for degree work but social and educational  activities abounded.  They had fellowship at the lodge every Friday night .   There were movie nights,  hoby sharing nights,   etc.   In  1935, Evergreen and Riverside Lodge presented a program “The Making of the Constitution” at Memorial Auditorium.    Brothers shared stories and slides of their travels and holidays. Guest speakers were frequent.  The lodge had a stereoptician (that’s the lantern slide projector),  Charles Shiels, who had slides to accompany the  lectures.   A few years later,   Grand Lodge disallowed their use.    Guess what -  now its being encouraged again.  He served as Electrician from 1928- 1948.   

The  installation of officers in 1941 was performed by Past Grand Master Earl  Warren – yes the  same  Earl Warren who later became  Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court.     Later that year,  Willard Babcock (the District Inspector)  conferred the 3rddegree upon his son Sherman Babcock.   In 1943  O.K. Olson conferred the third degree upon his son, Byron Morton.    The next time that happened was in 1998 when Past Grand Master   (and past Inspector) Stan Channon was in the East to confer all 3 degrees for me , John Channon (who also served as Inspector later).

 Over the next few years,  the  activities continued and numerous special degree teams conferred degrees on a regular basis. 

Stay tuned next season for the 1944  to early 50s era.