In   our last  episode of Evergreen  Place I  explained  how we  got to the  point in our history when  we occupied our  first “long-term”  home on  11th  Street.   Now let’s explore the  years  from 1912 on. 

1912 marked the year when Wor. Henry D. French, Sr was appointed as Inspector.  Wor. French also served as  Evergreen’s  Secretary from 1915 to 1926.  This was the beginning of  a long line of  Inspectors from Evergreen Lodge. 

In  1915 the mortgage  on the building was reduced to $5,000 by the payment of $2,500 . Wow!   Membership over the next  12 years went from  315  to  512.  Wor. Harry W. Hammond was elected to serve as a Trustee.  He served 34 years in this capacity.   (You will have to ask our Secretary if he is related )  .   In  1917 , the day of the April Stated Meeting, President Wilson  declared war  against Germany,  thus entering the U.S. into World War I.  March Field, (March Air Base) was opened on March 6, 1918.   During the war years,  the lodge purchased War Savings Stamps as lodge funds would permit.  The dues of all brethren who were serving in the Army and Navy were remitted.    1918 also marked the year that  O.K. Morton  served as Jr. Steward and  then went up the line eventually serving as Master in 1922 ,  and  then on to an Inspector assignment . Oh yes,  he was  also a judge.  O.K. Morton’s installing officer was Past Grand Master Dana Weller who installed 13 more years at Evergreen.      In 1920,  the mortgage was  paid off and the lodge celebrated with a mortgage burning .     In 1921,   the  lodge went “hi-tech”  and purchased an Edison phonograph  (that’s a record player,  for those of you who  aren’t into audio visual tech-history). 

     The  1920s were  very active years  for Evergreen.   Not  only did the membership boom  but degree work was heavy.   There were often three degrees at  regular meetings as well as  Saturday degrees to keep  up with the new candidates.   Special degree teams were organized in addition to the regular  officers.      It was in 1926 that  the formation of  Riverside Lodge took place.     Finally, in 1930,   Evergreen  celebrated it’s 50 yr anniversary at the Riverside Memorial Auditorium with 1500 people in attendance.    More  on that in  our  next episode.