1932- 2018   A  True Mason to the Heart


           Brother Henry Coil  was initiated, passed, and  raised in Riverside Lodge #635 and has been a member for better than  62 years.  He affiliated with Evergreen Lodge in 1977 after completing the construction of the new Evergreen Masonic Center on Chicago Ave.    Brother Coil passed to the Great Architect's Lodge  on Oct. 3rd,2018.

           He was a noted contractor of many historic buildings as well as being a very generous donor to Riverside City College,  UCR , Centennial Plaza School for the Arts,  and  to the California Masonic Foundation.  

           Our brother and his firm Tilden-Coil Constructors was responsible for building the Pechanga Resort & Casino,  renovation of the Riverside County Courthouse (on Main & 11th st),  Martin Luther King High School,  University of Redlands Center for the Arts,  Cal Baptist School of Business,   the aquatics complex at RCC,  Evergreen  Masonic Center,  and the Press Enterprise building on 14thSt.  

           Henry served on Riverside City Council from 63 to 67, was a founding director of the California Museum of Photography,   He has made a significant impact on the city of Riverside through his philanthropy, volunteerism and commitment to the arts

He has won numerous awards and has served on the boards of many community organizations, including the Riverside Arts Foundation, the American Red Cross, the Community Foundation, the Mission Inn Foundation, the Boy Scouts, the Carolyn E. Wylie Center for Children, Youth and Families, and the national Council for Resource Development, which named him a Benefactor of the Year in 2011 as one of the top 10 philanthropists in the country for their support of community colleges.

   He held leadership positions on the boards of numerous institutions in Inland Southern California, including the Riverside Community College District Foundation, La Sierra University, University of Redlands and. He has served on the UCR Foundation Board of Trustees since 1982, serving as board chair from 1999 to 2001.. He served on the boards of the Mission Inn Foundation and the Riverside Arts Foundation and worked extensively with the Historic Evergreen Cemetery and the Riverside Sports Hall of Fame. 

      He received   the Distinguished Eagle Award from the Boy Scouts of America  and Mason of the Year in 2006 from California  Masonic Grand Lodge.    

He received the  Riverside 2016 City Spirit Award  which recognizes local residents for extraordinary deeds, community spirit, citizenship and dedication to enhancing the quality of life in Riverside.

“Henry W. Coil Jr. represents the best of Riverside, and he has set the standard for future business leaders and philanthropists,” “His service to his hometown is unmatched, and his devotion to his community runs deep. Riverside is very fortunate.”    Brother Coil  represents the finest example of what Masonry is about ;  charity  of one's time and resources.  

“I like doing things that are meaningful and I like leading by example,” Coil said. “My intent wasn’t to collect awards, but if it helps get others to give also, it’s even a bigger benefit.”